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single tooth partial denture

Fitting Procedure For A Partial Denture on One Tooth

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Introduction:  This blog teaches us about partial dentures, which are like removable fake teeth used to replace missing ones. We ...

is a black tooth an emergency

Black Tooth: Emergency Warning Signs & Treatment Options

Team Health Cages

Introduction: Black teeth can stem from various causes like tooth decay, injury, dead nerves, or medication side effects. Immediate dental ...

how long does it take to pull a tooth

What’s the Average Time for a Tooth Extraction?

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Understanding Tooth Extraction and Recovery: Getting teeth removed can take 30 minutes to an hour, or even longer if it’s ...

what does a tooth implant look like

What Is the Appearance of Dental Implants?

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Introduction: This blog highlights the key components of dental implants and their role in restoring a natural-looking smile. It emphasizes ...

why does the tooth next to the extraction hurt

Why Does Tooth Extraction Cause Pain in My Surrounding Teeth?

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Introduction: In this blog,  we learned that experiencing pain after a tooth extraction is common and can be caused by ...

how long does wisdom tooth growing pain last

How long does pain from wisdom teeth last?

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Introduction: In this blog, we’ve learned that wisdom teeth, the last set of molars at the back of the mouth, ...

when can i drink coffee after tooth extraction

After Getting Your Teeth Extracted, Can You Drink Coffee?

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Introduction: In this blog, we’ve learned that drinking coffee too soon after tooth extraction surgery can hinder healing, risking complications ...

how painful is tooth extraction without anesthesia

Without anesthesia, how painful is tooth extraction?

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Introduction: This blog taught us about the importance of using anesthesia when getting a tooth pulled. It helps make the ...

can you get cavities with veneers

Are Cavities Still Possible After Getting Porcelain Veneers?

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Introduction: In this blog, we learn that veneers are thin covers for teeth that can fill gaps, change tooth shape, ...

what does a cavity look like on an x ray

What Is the X-Ray Appearance of a Cavity?

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Introduction: This blog teaches us that cavities happen because of bacteria in our mouths that make acids, which make our ...