How do I sleep after gallbladder surgery?

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how can you sleep after gallbladder surgery

When you sleep after gallbladder surgery, try not to lie on your stomach or right side because your incisions are on the right side of your belly. Sleeping on your back or left side can help reduce pressure on the incisions and make you feel more comfortable.

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Sleeping after gallbladder surgery

When you have surgery to remove your gallbladder, whether it’s done with open surgery or using a laparoscope, your doctor puts air into your belly to help during the procedure.

After the surgery, when the cuts are closed, you might feel very full and swollen for a day or two. Once the anesthesia wears off, you might feel discomfort or pain because of the air pushing against the cuts. Sometimes, a temporary tube might be placed to drain any extra fluid.

This kind of pain is normal but can make it hard to get comfy, especially when lying down.

Sleep is important for healing, so it’s good to plan how you’ll get some rest after your surgery.

Improved your Sleep After Gallbladder Surgery

Now that you know how to get comfortable sleeping after gallbladder surgery, here are some tips to help you sleep better while you recover.

Prepare the room beforehand.

Before your surgery, decide where you’ll recover. Put a table near your bed with things you might want, such as a lamp and phone charger. It might hurt to move a lot after gallbladder surgery, so try to have everything close by.

Think about what might bother you while you sleep after the surgery. If sunlight comes through your windows or your home is noisy, you could use an eye mask or earplugs to block them out.

Using certain scents, like eucalyptus or lavender, might help you feel calm and sleep better. You can put a few drops of essential oils into a diffuser.

Take Medications 

Your doctor might give you medicine to help with pain after your surgery. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when you take them. They might also suggest some over-the-counter medicines like anti-inflammatories or stool softeners. If your doctor tells you to take them differently than what it says on the bottle, follow their advice. They might also recommend medicine to help with bloating. Take them as your doctor tells you to.

Eat Light Meals

After your surgery, don’t eat processed foods or fatty meats. Eat light meals that are easy to digest, like broth with crackers.


Q1. What is the best position to sleep in after gallbladder surgery?

A1. According to deVilleneuve, you should sleep on your back to prevent pressure on your incisions. If you must sleep on your side, choose the left side since the gallbladder is located on the right. You can also sleep better after surgery if you create a calm and relaxing environment.

Q2. Is it normal to not be able to sleep after gallbladder surgery?

A2. There is no reason why you shouldn’t sleep after gallbladder surgery. The anxiety and stress that come with surgery can cause insomnia, and the pain medication may make you feel drowsy during the day.

Q3. How long is bed rest after gallbladder surgery?

A3. If you have keyhole surgery, you can often go home on the same day. If you work at a desk, it might take about 2 weeks to get back to normal. But if your job involves more physical work, it could take longer.

Q4. Is it OK to cough after gallbladder surgery?

A4. After surgery, make sure to do deep breathing and coughing exercises. These exercises help you breathe better, clear your lungs, and reduce the chance of getting pneumonia.

Q5. What is the recovery time for gallstone surgery?

A5. After gallbladder removal surgery, if it’s done with keyhole surgery, you’ll usually recover in about two weeks. But if you have open surgery, it might take six to eight weeks. If you still have a drain in your wound, the doctors will take it out at your next check-up.