30 Sings of Blocked Feminine Energy 

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signs of blocked feminine energy

Signs of blocked feminine energy might mean feeling cut off from emotions, having trouble being creative or feeling inspired, and finding it hard to take care of yourself or your relationships.

What is Blocked Feminine Energy?

Blocked feminine energy happens when your feminine and masculine sides aren’t balanced. As women, we all have both energies in us. The issue arises when you ignore your feminine side and rely only on your masculine energy to get through life. If you believe that power comes solely from being masculine, your feminine energy is blocked. Check the signs below to see where you might be blocking your energy.

30 Sings of Blocked Feminine Energy 

  1. You see being feminine as weak.
  2. You feel stronger acting like a man.
  3. You don’t take care of yourself.
  4. You always feel like you have to be busy.
  5. You trust logic more than your gut feelings.
  6. You try to control everything in life.
  7. You think that focusing on beauty is shallow.
  8. You think you can’t take a break.
  9. You feel disconnected from your body.
  10. You feel like you have to prove yourself all the time.
  11. You went through bad experiences as a woman.
  12. You were raised only by your mom.
  13. You think life should be hard.
  14. You believe suffering makes you worthy.
  15. You’re always doing something, and forgetting how to relax.
  16. You do everything on your own.
  17. You hate asking for help.
  18. You hate needing others.
  19. You compare your strength to men’s.
  20. You feel tired and worn out.
  21. You don’t feel much joy.
  22. You feel guilty when you do things just for fun.
  23. You’ve lost touch with your sensuality.
  24. You keep your feelings inside.
  25. You feel awkward when people give you things.
  26. You prefer giving to receiving.
  27. You don’t feel comfortable being a woman or a mother.
  28. You attract men who act feminine.
  29. You feel like you have to impress men.
  30. You struggle with loving relationships.

Q1. How do you know if you have lost your feminine energy?

A1. Women with imbalanced feminine energy may experience extreme emotions, overly passive behaviors, a lack of direction or purpose, being too self-sacrificing or nurturing, feeling disconnected from their bodies, or lacking energy.

Q2. Why does feminine energy get blocked?

A2. In our past, traumatic events can lead to blocked feminine energy. Hiding our feminine side is a coping strategy to feel more in control.

Q3. What is dark feminine energy?

A3. A woman’s light feminine side communicates her sense of playfulness, kindness, softness, and generosity, while her dark feminine side communicates her limits, what she is comfortable with, and what she is not comfortable with. It is her self-centered (selfish) side that protects her dignity by focusing on herself.

Q4. How can you tell if a woman is feminine?

A4. By exhibiting the traits she possesses, a woman demonstrates the fact that she is operating from her feminine energy, not her physical appearance. Intuitiveness, creativity, empathy, nurturing, compassion, and empathy are typical feminine characteristics of a woman with high levels of feminine energy.

Q5. How powerful is feminine energy?

A5. As a woman, you know how strong and important feminine energy is. It’s crucial to see how it affects your life and those around you. Feminine energy gives us creativity, the ability to have children, intuition, and wisdom—all things we need to live on Earth.